Hi lovlies:)

Today!! Is all about my locs:) (how long it took me, the length and so many other interesting informations:))

So… I got these babies done on thursday 21st july 2016, actually I started fixing this style on thursday evening and finished on friday night (yess). It took me about 27hours+ to wrap up the whole style😂.

The length I got was waist length (I don’t know why I love long hairstlyes so much:):)) and I used about 18packs of yarn (colors: black, red and grey).This is the most time comsuming style I have ever gotten guys, but it’s worth it ( I guess lol) after I finished, my buttcheeks were crying for help😂

I will also like to acknowledge my hairstylist, she’s the real mvp, she went on #teamnosleep because of this hair lol.. She’s amazing!! (@naturellebeautysalon on instagram)

Before I wrap up this post, here are some Pros and Cons for this protective hairstyle 


  • It is a very beautiful hairstyle:)
  • It is a good run for your money because it can last for as long as you want
  • When it starts to age, it becomes more beautiful unlike box braids and any other hairstyles 
  • It is cheap (cheaper than getting marley hair
  • It gives your hair full protection because no strand of your real hair is out in the open 


    • It is time consuming (no matter the length)
    • Itchy scalp after some days.. I really still don’t know why this happens
    • It might really hurt for the first 2weeks max depending on how the stylist did it 

    I don’t think there are other cons though:).. For bedtime though, it’s quite simple: Just wrap the locs into a bun and put on your satin scarf (took me 4days to know this method lol, after nights of uncomfortable sleep)

    This style can last approximately 6months maximum and probably 3months minimum  (depends on you✌ But i advice 3months max)

    Thanks for reading!

    Till next time, always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💙💙