Ok ok people, this is a rant:):)
I don’t really know what is going on between the citizens of my country (Nigeria)and the citizens of ghana (especially we young people)..
   First, it was the struggle for the best cooked jollof rice and now it’s a struggle for the best pussy??
Can we please grow up and stop all this immature and disgraceful nonsense (Can’t deal with these unnecessary face-offs)
I was at home yesterday with my friend and suddenly she said “Oh busola, so you heard the song about nigerian pussies?”
I was like “No, what’s that”.. so immediately trust my friend to go on youtube and show me this music video.. I was shocked beyond words, like literally I had my mouth opened the whole time!
Please enjoy the pussy song by some girl named Princess vitarah (a wannabe artiste), apparently she had nothing to sing about, so she came up with this..

After watching this, I was like “lady, I know you wanna be famous but does singing total bullshit make you famous?😂”
Apparently I think it does.. with over 100 thousand views on youtube, she must be on the part to greatness with her kitty kat and her lack of creativity/sensitivity already..
Can this nonsense stop already, first it was food now its about private parts, very soon its gonna be something even more outrageous, disgusting and shameful.. biko let’s stop this beefing abeg!
Thanks for reading!!… till next time!
Happy friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Take Care!