Having chapped lips can be petty distressing and annoying, we (guys and girls) all love to have soft, pinky beautiful lips and how to achieve this is petty easy and simple;


♡ Drink a lot of water to keep your lips hydrated and healthy

♡ DON’T bite your lips

♡ Exfoliate your lips regularly-
You can exfoliate your lips with sugar scrub or a combination of honey, olive oil and sugar with a toothbrush
You can also just scrub your lips with your toothbrush when brushing your teeth

♡ Endeavour to Not lick your lips-
This will leave your lips moisturized for 5seconds then it becomes drier than before✋

♡ Moisturize your lips daily with a moisturizing lip balm (morning and night) I personally love using Babylips lipbalm.. its so good


But any lip balm is great

♡ Ladies use a moisturizing lipstick to prevent your lips drying out while in a sexy color

♡ Eat a healthy diet

Achieving the sexy lips you’ve always desired is very possible.. Just do the needed:)
Thanks for reading, till next time…

Take Care!