Hello lovlies,


So many factors contribute to hair damage, it might be too much heat/frequent use of heat or chemical damage.. doesn’t matter, the point is, that hair is damaged, girl!

It might be a struggle for some ladies to know if their hair is damaged or still on its healthy journey, not to worry:) I’m here to help you my darlings:), here are some ways to identify damaged hair…

Super dull look
When your hair loses that supple lucious shine to it, even when you deep condition, it doesn’t bring back the shine, this is a sign that your hair is damaged

Weak dry hair
When your hair starts to break off easily and it feels really really dry, this is a sign that your hair might not be absorbing moisture well and could be damaged

Inability to hold down a style
So damaged hair can’t hold down styles like healthy hair would..
So if suddenly you are finding it hard to manage your hair and it becomes difficult to style..
That hair could be damaged😥

Spilt ends
You can look for split ends by wrapping a section of hair around your finger near the end of the hair and watch for ends that stick up when the rest of the hair is wrapped around. Split ends are a separation of the end, caused by dryness and harsh treatment. There is no way to treat split ends but to cut them off, as the hair becomes so damaged it cannot be fused back together again.

Tangles and more tangles!
When your hair starts to misbehave and gets more tangles every now and then..
Not easy to comb or finger detangle, even with a conditioner in your hair..
Frequent tangles could mean damaged hair

When your hair starts to break more frequently and anytime you detangle your hair either with your hand or a wide tooth comb, lots of hair break off.. this could also mean hair damage..

Lost curls
If after flat ironing your hair to bone straight hair and 2-3weeks later, you revert back to your curly state and you notice little to no curls, like literally you lost your curl patterns
This is a sign of hair damage caused by frequently straightening your hair

Noticing that one has damaged hair is not the end of the journey to healthy hair.. There are solutions and ways to get your healthy hair back..

☆ Wash your hair weekly with a clarifying shampoo, sulfate free
And also you can decide to clarify without using a shampoo, you could use an apple cider vinegar, baking soda or any other clarifying agent

☆ Throw away your styling tools (blow dryer, flat iron etc) just kidding😂… Limit your use of heat ( I’ld rather you not use heat at all for a while ( you could go on a no heat challenge to motivate you to stay away from heat) )

☆ Give your hair a hot oil treatment or/and a deep conditioning treatment

☆ Moisturize regularly using the LCO or LOC methods 

☆ Trim those damaged split ends

☆ Your hair need a protein treatment ( you can use homemade recipes for this one or buy a protein enriched deep conditioner)

☆ Avoid chemically treating your hair (wether its dyeing, bleaching etc.. Don’t do it!)

☆ Protect your hair from harsh weather conditions

☆ Finally, I’m sorry to let you know that if all efforts to revive your damaged hair doesn’t work.. you might have to cut all your hair and start afresh😥 due to extreme damages that You caused your hair!
But don’t worry it will grow back😥

Lets all have a wonderful healthy hair journey… Happy Sunday! Don’t forget to like and share, also leave your wonderful thoughts in the comment box💋
Till next time, always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💕

Take Care!