Everyone desires and wants smooth glowing skin (its essential👌).. Desiring is good but what can we do to achieve this goal? *still thinking*
Well think no more:) I bring you today some cool skin care tips that will help achieve your aim…

☆. NEVER sleep with your makeup on;
Yes yes.. seriously I can’t stress this enough, no matter how tired you are.. never do it. It can irritate your skin and cause acnes (always create that 3-5minutes to wipe your face)

☆. Moisturize your skin always, to prevent dry skin (just like your hair👌)

☆. Bath daily and regularly:
Cleaniness is next to godliness y’all and a cleansed body/skin gives healthy skin

☆. Never pick at a pimple, doing that will only bruise your face and cause dark spots

☆. Never use olive oil on your skin, really! It makes a person become darker (like, who wants to look like charcoal?😟) you can use coconut oil, its really good for the skin.

☆. Eat healthy.. make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, it’s good for your health and also for your skin (win win👍)

☆. Always use a sun blocking cream or lotion when going out into the sun to prevent early aging, wrinkles, sun burns and darker skin.

☆. Do not smoke!!

☆. Endeavour to do facials regularly

☆. Always have your beauty sleep, good sleep makes you happy and refreshed also you will have a refreshed skin.

☆. Use skin products that do not irritate your skin.

☆. The greatest tip of all: Is to smile always.. A happy person is a healthy person (So Smile lovlies😆)

I hope you find these tips useful, thank you for your time.. I appreciate!
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Happy Sunday!
Till next time..

Take Care💙