The image above is the perfect description of me, as long as I have my laptop/phone and credit card😆.. its “hello shopping”👚👜👢

Online shopping sometimes is the best way to save money (yess.. I said it), it might take weeks or month (ohhh, the waiting period😥) but still it comes, instead of me going to a shop in the mall to buy a pair of shoe for an expensive price.. I will buy it online for a lesser amount😆 (so economical😆)


My favorite online shop, infact my only online shop is (even have the app on my phone😸), for various reasons though:

● Everything I order gets to me😆
● The stuffs are affordable (like duhhh.. I’m a student, can’t be frugal:))
● Free shipping😆 and so many other reasons I can’t think of now😅
I feel like sometimes I go online to shop when I’m bored or really angry and also don’t wanna go out because no one wanna hang out with me:'(
I have not ordered on any other online store mainly because:
● I don’t know if the sellers ship to my location
● Shipping cost more than the stuff purchased  e.g I see a nice bag “oh.. how beautiful:)” it costs like 12usd “oh I’m getting this”.. I check the shipping cost and its 79usd😮😮😮😮 “haaaaaaaa.. no wayyy🙅🙅😆)

And sometimes I might need a particular item desperately and the stores around wouldn’t have it but my online shop never disappoints, I will wait for a while but I always get it💜.
If my stuff doesn’t come? Well.. oohhkay I will request my money back and I get it (this doesn’t happen to me, happened once.. seller sent one instead of two.. stupid!!😆)

Right now the workers at the delivery section of the post office knows me well (they don’t even ask for my passport again😂😂).. Still have some items waiting to be collected though.. I’m sure this time around they won’t even ask of my name😆 (they will be like “you again??” Na wa oo😪)
I am not addicted though lol.. I always know when to stop (apparently that is when I’m low on cash😂)
Thanks for reading about my little obsession😆.. do like and comment💖💖💋

Take Care!