Nail polishes are my second favorite after my hair, I think every female and some males love nail polishes. Nail polishes are very beautiful and creative too, you can use your nails to express your feelings sometimes (well those are nail arts actually, but doesn’t matter). They really make your hands look good and attractive (expect lots of compliment too lol)

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So today because I’m a big fan of nail polishes, I will like to share my favorite nail polish colors that I used this winter, without delaying I… will.. get… into it!

  1. RED images (2) 
  2. GREEN 
    Please excuse the amateur application!
  3. NUDE 20160207_190716[1]Shoutout to my beautiful friend that allowed me take a picture of her beautiful nails!!
  4. MIXTURE OF RED, WHITE AND BLACK: Kinda summerish but I don’t mind it for winter too lol I’m crazy like that 20150826_165641[1] 


    Again.. excuse the poor application!
  6. FRENCH MANICURE: Any time, any season, any weather, I always love me some french!20150903_183148[1] 
  7. DARK PURPLE aecdd6526d7f691272de798f3f985d10Google pic!


  8. BLACK: This color sometimes kinda gives me super powers you know, put on some black lipstick and scratch out the eyes of anyone that messes with you (goth queen!) lol I’m crazymac-black-lipstick 









  • GREY: I really love grey because of its professional look but it can be fun tooRimmel-london-nail-polish-711-punk-rock_zpscfe7a627 

And those were my favorite nail colors for the winter,all I can say is they are beautiful.. what are your go to winter nail colors? what do you think about my favorite colors? please leave me a comment in the comment box!

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Take Care!